The Mind is a Very Powerful Thing

The Mind is a Very Powerful Thing

By Marc Smith

The mind is a very powerful thing, it can make you or break you. Be wise on who or what you let occupy it. Being happy doesn’t start with a relationship, degree, job or money. It starts with your thoughts and what you tell yourself every day. It’s about you being happy by loving yourself.

We have all heard this many times over but we need to keep hearing it until we believe it. It took me many years to understand this, but when life’s learning really kicked in, it was an incredible light bulb moment for me.

For years I found myself racing around, trying to work crazy hours, because I believed it was the only way to live. Running multiple businesses and putting more pressure on myself. I was not happy. Then I asked myself why was I doing this? The answer was hard to admit. It was simply because I felt had to keep up with and exceed the next person, or need to deliver what society expected.

I realized that there is so much more to life than comparing and measuring up to others. I realized that my thoughts create my actions. I had to reset my mindset and not allow my own negative thoughts or others critical opinions become my reality.

Of course, I still have aspirations and will continue to raise the bar for myself. The difference is now I don’t have any interest in what others do. I am focused on my journey and my process to achieve the type of success I want for myself and I challenge myself to set the right goals and expectations.

I allow myself to grow at my own pace and give myself permission to define my own happiness and live by the standards I set for myself.

My standards are:

1.) Do what I love

2.) Be open to trying new things

3.) Surround myself with people who enrich my life

4.) Ask for help

Life is quite a journey and as strange as this may sound my failures are learned lessons and I am grateful for the struggles because they are a huge part of my successes.

Marc Smith is an Expert Entrepreneur and Fitness Trainer. He was worked with Global Boxing and Entertainment Celebrities.

The Associates Club provides world-class executive coaching and social events.

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