Executive Coach: Treva Graves

Sioux Falls, USA in-person or virtual1:1 sessions

OWN THE ROOM With Executive Presence 

Learn what your “Secret Sauce” is and project it confidently

Learn Tips to Communicate Effectively with Clarity and Confidence

Master Powerful, Confident Body Language

Learn how to Run an Effective Meeting with Style and Grace

Build Influence and Credibility

Project an image of Authority and Power

Develop a Leadership Mindset

Personal Branding for Leadership  

Determine your values, passion and purpose in your life to understand your personal brand

Develop a leadership mindset while projecting your personal brand in your professional interactions.

Review of Treva’s I.C.E. Strategies for Image, Communication and Etiquette – important for you to “live” your brand. Learn how to make a memorable first impression that lasts when meeting clients or on an interview

Discover the qualities in YOU that stand out and project them with confidence and clarity.

Learn Strategies to build strong relationships and connect better with colleagues and other business professionals.

Refine Your Style Full Package

Body Shape and Color Analysis for Women

Dressing for your Body Shape

Wardrobe Styling and Tips for Closet Edit

Image Essentials for the Career Professional

Interactive Shopping Experience

Additional Features

*Make-up Application and Tips

*Full Closet Edit

*Wardrobe Look Book – Treva’s Top Picks for YOU!

Refine Your Style

Body Shape and Color Analysis for Men or Women 

Dressing for your Body Shape

Wardrobe Styling and Tips for Closet Edit

Image Essentials for the Career Professional

Interactive Shopping Experience


Executive Coach: Michelle Nasser

Toronto, Canada in-person or virtual1:1 sessions

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is an important skill for leaders. People look to you for inspiration and direction. An effective public speaker is confident, authentic and well-informed.

Learn how to engage your audience and deliver winning presentations.

Idea, message, story outline

Creating Flow and Impactful Moments

Refining Opening Closing Statements

Call to Action







Practice your public speaking. Be our special guest on The Associates Club podcast!


Leadership Skills Assessment

What type of leader are you and what type of leader do you want to be?

This customized assessment will provide you with a baseline for where you are now and help you to determine which skills you want to further develop to become the leader you can be. Whether you are an emerging or seasoned leader there is room for growth at all levels. 


Gain leadership visiblity. Be our special guest on The Associates Club podcast!


Transition into your new C-Suite role

The First 100 Days roadmap to successful transition. Gain self-awareness, to achieve competencies in core leadership skills.

Understand expectations, set expectations and meet expectations.

Comprehensive customized agenda for 1 - 30 days, 31 - 70 days, 71 - 100 days.


Share your insights as a C-Suite Executive. Be our special guest on

The Associates Club podcast!


Set Measurable Goals

It is important to set measurable career goals in order to make the gains you need to be successful. Determine the right steps to take, understand the best course of action and fill in any gaps. These sessions are designed to help you create a career plan that works for you.


Executive Coach: Marc Smith

South Coast, United Kingdom in-person or virtual1:1 sessions

Fit-in Your Fitness

We all know that fitness is important for our health and well-being, but we not all of us make it part of our daily routine. Why not? It’s really just about finding the right fitness routine that works for you so you will maintain it and see and feel results. These sessions are designed to customize your fitness goals with your lifestyle.

Stress Reducing Strategies

Always on the go, so many responsibilities, deadlines and commitments. Personal issues that keep you up at night? Things seems out of control and you need help to cope with it all. These sessions are designed to give you stress reducing strategies you so you can take control and manage things the best way that suits your needs.

Create Work Life Balance

Are you being pulled in different directions? Work, family, friends. Do you need help to create work life balance and feel at peace with your choices? These sessions are designed to help you understand what is important to you and how to spend time on those things that really matter while letting go of those things that do not serve you well.

Get Motivated and Achieve Success

There are things that you want to do but just don’t have the motivation to start and stick with it to the end. These sessions are designed to help you get motivated to do them. Get that spark and turn it into a flame that will fuel your motivation to push through. Visualize your end results and take the right steps to get there.


Executive Coaches: Marc Smith, Michelle Nasser,

Treva Graves and Monica Gibbs

South Coast, United Kingdom, Toronto, Canada, Sioux Falls, USA 

 in-person or virtual1:1 sessions

Powerful Networking Strategies to Gain Clients 

Learn how to effectively work a room at a networking event

Make an impressionable introduction

Learn the art of small talk and how it can work for you

Communicate effectively in person and on the phone

Remembering Names

Introductions and Handshakes

What to Wear to a Networking Event

Business Card Protocol and Follow-up

Strategic Business Planning

Look ahead and prepare for future growth. Strategic planning to position your business for success. Effective ways to leverage product/service, become more efficient and cost effective.    


Social Media Boost Bootcamp

Your social media presence can make a significant impact on your career or business. This session is designed to help you create the right LinkedIn personal or business profile to boost your visibility. Learn how to engage with others on LinkedIn to gain the right connections. And learn how to start your personal or company Facebook and Instagram accounts and how to connect them to leverage your brand awareness. Including how to make effective Instagram stories, posts and use special effects.

How to Hire the Right Employees

As an entrepreneur you have worked hard to develop your business. Now you need to have the right employees that you can trust to help your business grow and become more profitable. These sessions are designed to help you determine the type of employees that will make your business more successful.


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